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    Toilet Train Your Cat in 21 Days, or Less
    Cat will continue to use the toilet for the rest of its life.
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    Get rid of your disgusting litter box.
    The Center for Disease Control warns against deadly litter box parasites
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    The Best Guarantee on Earth.
    If after 2 months and having given your best effort, you are unable to completely toilet-train your cat, then email me, and I will refund 100% of your purchase price, and let you keep the product.
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    $99 Gets Rid of Your Litter Box Forever
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Your cat will start using the toilet immediately, and in 21 days or less, remove all trays and cat will continue to use the toilet instead of the litter box for the rest of the cat's life.

Bye, Bye Litter comes with a 60-day unconditional guarantee. However, it should only take you 21-days or less to toilet train your cat. If you are not successful, then forward your email receipt to refunds@byebyelitter.com, with a short description of your experience and we will issue you a 100% refund, including S&H. No need to return product. You can give it to a friend or maybe in the future you can try to toilet train your cat again or if you get another cat, you can toilet train your new pet. Either way, we trust you.

If you have been unfortunate enough to have purchased Citi Kitty, Litter Kwitter, or any other single-level tray system, then send me an email at ernie@byebyelitter.com explaining your experience along with a receipt for the amount you paid for their product and I will apply 100% of what you paid toward the purchase of a Bye, Bye Litter, Multi-Level 6-Tray, Toilet Train Your Cat System.


Single-level systems are problematic. A significant percentage of cats trained using them get spooked by the early exposure to water and give up.

SAVE $3,000

Save $3,000 over your cat's life. What could you buy for $3,000?


Once trained, your cat will continue to use the toilet for the rest of its life.


Your family will be healthier as you remove a germ, parasite, urine, and poop infested litter box from your home.


Imagine never having to clean another disgusting litter box again.


It takes 21 days or less to toilet train a cat. Even a cat with an exceptionally low IQ will be trained.

I created the toilet train your cat industry in 1978.

- Ernest Hemple

In 1978 I invented the single-level Kitty Whiz Transfer System, the first product that toilet trained cats. Over the years, many people copied it. Unfortunately, single level tray systems are problematic. After a few days during the training the cat can get confused, which will cause them to simply hop off the toilet during training and poop on the floor. Yuck! In other words, the cat is still litter box dependent.

The Bye, Bye Litter Toilet-Train-Your-Cat System is different. It is a multi-level tray system and is guaranteed to completely toilet train your cat in 21 days or less or return the product and pay nothing. Bye, Bye Litter costs more to manufacturer than single-level tray systems and because of that it sells for $99. However, remember, unlike a single-level system, Bye, Bye Litter works 100% of the time with any cat, any age, breed, size, or intelligence.

After seeing my Kitty Whiz product (see video above) copied and knowing there was an inherent flaw in single-level tray systems, I invested half a million dollars to create the Bye, Bye Litter, Multi-Level, Toilet-Train Your Cat System.

The video above shows me when I was featured on the NBC's Real People.

As the inventor of the original toilet-train-your-cat system, I am one of only a few people who really understands the science behind toilet training a cat. My new product works 100% of the time. If it doesn't, I will refund your money, including shipping and handling and I will let you keep the product.

The Best Money Back Guarantee on Earth

I am committed that you have an amazing experience with your pet. To that end I offer the first 100% Satisfaction Guarantee if you are not totally satisfied with the Bye, Bye Litter System.


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