Will the training seat fit my toilet?
A. Yes, the training seat is designed to fit standard toilets including elongated toilet bowls and international toilets.

Q. How long will it take to toilet train my cat?
A. Unlike stiffer training systems that my competitors, our system uses the science of flexology to toilet and flush train a cat in as little as 2 days, but in most cases under 2 weeks. See instructions.

Q. Is my cat too young to toilet train?
A. We recommend the cat to be at least three months old and trained to use a litter box before toilet training.

Q. Is my cat too old to toilet train?
A. As long as your cat is healthy and has good litter box habits they can be trained to use the toilet.

Q. Is my cat too heavy to toilet train?
A. The Bye, Bye Litter Training Seat works for cats weighing up to 25lbs; most cats weigh between 10-12lbs. If your cat can get up on the toilet then they can be toilet trained. For older cats a stool or a step can be used to help them get up to the Bye, Bye Litter tray on the top of the toilet.

Q. Can I toilet train my clawed/declawed cat?
A. Yes, both clawed and declawed cats can be toilet trained.


How does Paw N’ Flush work?

Paw N’ Flush simply exploits the cats need to cover their waste after they eliminate. So after a cat has done its business, it tends to paw on the back of the open lid of the toilet. We simply place the Paw N’ Flush unit there and when your cat paws to cover their waste or scratch on the carpet that is on unit, it causes the toilet to flush. It’s automatic, just like Bye, Bye Litter’s automatic toilet-training system. It’s just that simple.

Q. Can I toilet train my cat if I have only one bathroom?
A. Yes, the Bye, Bye Litter Toilet Training Kit was made for homes with one bathroom or more. The Bye, Bye Litter Training Seat can be removed from your toilet for human use. I promise you, you will only forget to remove the tray once.

Q. I am moving soon. Should I train my cat before or after I move?
A. If you are moving, and have purchased the professional version which allows you to train an unlimited number of cats, or still have the regressive ring from a regular version, then if your cat regresses, you can simply give your pet a refresher course.


I want to start a business toilet-training cats for other cat owners. I own the professional version, which toilet trains an unlimited number of cats, do I have to pay a fee for ever cat that I train?

Absolutely not, no extra fee. In fact, I encourage you to start your business and let me know how it is going. Imagine starting a business for a little over a $100? Maybe we should franchise the business?

Q. I am traveling – who is going to flush?
A. NO problem. If you have a professional version, it comes with Paw N’ Flush, our automatic electronic flusher. You can also purchase Paw N’ Flush separate, for $49.95. We will also have a little more expensive electronic eye Bye, Bye Litter Automatic Toilet Flusher for sale in the near future.

Q. Should I use flushable litter during training?
A. NO, for Bye, Bye Litter to work properly, you need to use heavy clay litter. Be sure to clean it every time your pet uses it. Be sure to study the instructions carefully before starting the training.

Q. After the training is complete will I need to keep Bye, Bye Litter on my toilet?
A. Once the process is complete your cat will not require anything but a nice clean toilet and some reading material.

Q. What if my cat drinks from the toilet?
A. Cats will not drink from the toilet if there is urine in the water. If you are using the Paw N’ Flush unit, this will never be a problem.

Q. My cat suffers from some health related illnesses. Can they be toilet trained?
A. Cats that have health related illnesses such as urinary tract infections and arthritis are not recommended for toilet training.


Where can I purchase Bye, Bye Litter?
A. Bye, Bye Litter can only be purchased here on our Web site.

Q. Can I e-mail you my success story?
A. Yes, Bye, Bye Litter loves receiving new success stories. In fact, we encourage you to upload a picture of your successful and unsuccessful cats stories and pictures to byebyelitter.com/pictures.

Customers that upload their pictures, stories will be entitled to receive a free fram for their cats

diploma. Just a pay a modest S$H feel


Where is Bye, Bye Litter Manufactured?
A. Bye, Bye Litter is proudly made in the USA.

Q. Can I train multiple cats at the same time?
A. Yes, Bye, Bye Litter professional version can train an unlimited number of cats. You can also train multiple cats at the same time.
Do you have a Training Forum for Bye, Bye Litter?
A. Yes, please visit www.Bye, Bye Litter.com/forum


If you have any questions please free to call me. Here’s is my cell phone number. Sometimes I may not be able to talk, but I will always call you back when I have time.


Congratulations on purchasing your bye, Bye Litter Advanced Toilet Training System.  May you have years of joy from you toilet trained cat.


Ernie Hemple, CEO/Inventor of the toilet train your cat systems.